The Creative Process

Through intimate interview, fourteen artists from all walks of life reveal their most personal experiences, and along the way we learn - why make art?


I met an incredible variety of people while making The Creative Process  - a documentary about Merseyside artists - and found it fascinating talking to them about their work. The film was partially funded by Arts Council England, previewed at BFI Southbank, and is now used by the British Council to promote Liverpool culture.

It screened across the Merseyside region in 2016 in galleries, educational institutions, and independent kinos such as Tate Liverpool, John Moores University, and the Small Cinema - where it held its sold-out premiere.



"Ryan Garry is a filmmaker who wants to know more about why artists are driven to make their marks."
Northern Soul

"...the result? Something quite creative, actually, and quite beautiful."

"Wherever this film tours next, it is worth seeing."
Art in Liverpool

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